We are Zalotech, an underwater robotics company that specializes in custom ROV’s established in Aloha, Oregon in 2014. Our mission is to deliver a robot that has three crucial characteristics: maneuverability, stability, and biocompatibility (in the sense of helping the environment not in reference to the biodegradability of the materials). Each ROV designed and built by Zalotech can move in several different axes of movement in order to accommodate intricate tasks; every ROV product is equipped with a specific number and placement of thrusters to minimize pitch and roll; finally our ROV’s are designed with a specific purpose in mind, to reach into the world and make a positive impact through technology whether that be in the deepest of oceans or the farthest of moons. Zalotech’s vision is to create a robot that can complete tasks with a purpose, meaning our robots are built specifically with the needs of environmental research in mind such as collecting samples of sea life, deploying key instruments, recording temperature, photograph, and prepare wellheads.



Blog Posts | Update 10


Welcome back again to another brand new update. After 3 days of making a tremendous amount of progress, it only seems right to make an update. So without further ado, here is what has happened.

First off, we have some more photos to add (and some were removed and replaced with better photos), however its not 100% complete yet, because we are ever so close to putting our robot in the water for the first time. If you want to see these new photos, click here.

Next up on our updates (this is exciting for us), we have updated our logo this year. Simply look above this Blog Post and you will definitely see differences. It was inspired by the theme of this year’s M.A.T.E. Competition. This new logo will be added to everything that originally had the older logo soon, probably by the time of the next update. For now, we just have it here.

As we said last week, we are starting up a new competition blog posts in the next update. You may ask, why is Zalotech making a new separate blog post when they could just include it here? Well, it is very different from the updates we put out. This newer and definitely much shorter lasting blog posts gives up-to-date info on the competition, how the competition will work, what we have to do to be the best, what our most recent progress is (including the other half of the competition which is documentations and presentations), and much more.

We hope you enjoyed this quick update, as we have a lot more coming up soon. Be sure to check out the new competition post in the next upcoming update, as it is going to be in it’s own separate section.

Drew (From the Zalotech Team)